Module 4: Thinking like a designer: Design 101


Get your creative hats on!

You've mapped out your website, written all your copy, found imagery, and started to put it all together. But it's still looking a lot like the template (at least as far as the fonts and colours go) so now is our chance to make visual changes and set all the styles that your website will follow. 

From there we'll be diving into some design tips so that you can review the work you've done to date and make some improvements. Join us as we go over fonts and colours for your brand and we’ll also cover 10 rules for good web design! Lastly, we’ll review the Style Editor on Squarespace, which will let you set the design of your website.

We suggest spending up to 2 hours on “Module 4: Thinking like a designer: Design 101”.  

Welcome to Module 4! Let’s do it!