Module 2: Mapping it out - Planning your website’s copy and images


Time to pre-plan your Squarespace content!

Great job on getting your cover page up and running! Now that you've got the basics of your site set up, it's time to start creating the content you'll want on it. This actually means leaving Squarespace for a while and pre-planning it outside of the platform!

Think of making your website like baking a cake. You could go ahead and grab the ingredients as you need them, but it’s a bit of a messy process and can get a bit hectic and overwhelming. Baking goes smoother when you have all your ingredients weighed and measured. This way you will never miss an ingredient. Making a website is the same way!

We’re going to get our website blueprint sorted first, then we’ll write our content and source great images. This part might take some time to nail down but try not to get too stuck on each section. The great part about building your own website is that you can adjust the content any time you want.

We suggest spending up to 6 hours on “Module 2: Mapping it out” (1-2 hours on sitemap/sketching, 1-2 hours writing content, 1-2 hours for sourcing images).

Welcome to Module 2! Let's dig in!

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