Why It's Crucial To Define Your Ideal Client


It might seem like you don't have any brand values, or that you value the same as everyone else. But if you really dig into it, what you and your business values can be very specific and is the key to standing out in a saturated market (i.e every market and industry). 

So why is it so crucial?

Why it's so important to define your ideal client



Defining anything in your business (values, key messages, personality, etc.) is good because it helps you to be clear and concise. And figuring out who your people are, is no different. The real power comes in knowing what to do with the information you've found. There's no point in discovering this information if you don't use it! So here are 4 reasons why it's important to define your ideal client, and what you can do once you know who they are. 

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1. Knowing who your ideal client is helps you talk to them in a way they connect with

The way a man in his 50's talks is very different to the way a teen girl talks. So if you don't know who your people are, you might not be selling to them because they don't feel like your product or service is for them. And that's all part of your brand identity. Language is very important, and helps you to connect with your ideal clients, so you definitely want to be talking to them in a language that resonates, right!?


2. It helps you know where to advertise or market in order to reach them

One of the biggest benefits of knowing who your ideal clients are, is that you know where they hang out. Are they in FB groups? Do they listen to podcasts? What magazines do they read? This might take some time to explore, or even some market research, but once you know you can put yourself in the places they are, in order to increase your visibility (with the right people) and ultimately, sell to them. 


3. You know their struggles

Everyone has struggles, and chances are your business helps to solve some of them. So figure out who your people are, and figure out what they're struggling with!! For our business this is varied, because we do help lots of different types of people, from different industries, but there are often 1 or 2 common struggles, and knowing what they are helps us to create content and new services or products that will help them. (i.e that they will want to buy)

I truly believe this is one of the most effective things to figure out, because if you're willing to let your business grow and adapt with the needs of your clients, then you'll always be able to help them, and therefore your business will always be more likely to succeed. 

And don't forget, even if what you do seems basic and simple on the outside, there's always a way to niche it and help people with specific struggles. 


4. You can create better content for them, which will increase your engagement

Once you know who your people are, and what they're struggling with, you can create content that will help them, therefore be more likely to increase your engagement and traffic to your website. This isn't all about social media, it counts for blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts – whatever content you are making to market your products or services, will be better and more successful once you know who your people are, what they need, what they're interested in, and why they're coming to you. 



Defining your ideal client is truly one of the most important steps in creating your business plan and making strategic choices for growth. Get started today by reading this blog post.