Podcasts We Love


I truly believe that humans started living after the invention of portable audio content. Seriously, we can blast “Bootylicious” anywhere on earth. While having music with us at all times is great though, sometimes you just want the dulcet tones of two friends chatting in your ear, discussing serious topics, like which Friends character you’re most like.

Whether the topics are about books, business or just being a badass babe, we love Podcasts. We love listening to these audio stories, imaging we’re at the table, absorbing every word and laughing along with all the story beats. So we’ve compiled a list of our fave podcasts of the moment! Enjoy!  

Our fave podcasts to listen to while we're working


Being an entrepreneur is a scary and exciting venture, but it can sometimes feel pretty isolating. In comes “Being Boss”, which consists of Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, two badass creative entrepreneurs who take no prisoners in their earnest discussions about what it’s like owning your own small business. Combined, they have a world of experience and wisdom, which they impart in fun and humorous conversation between these two and their occasional guests. Suddenly, the world feels a little brighter, knowing that all those business woes you’ve experienced have also been their business woes at some time or another too. Honest and insightful, “Being Boss” will instill the confidence in you to own that title “Boss”.




Who hasn’t been guilty of feeling “less than” because they feel life hasn’t fit into current societal expectations. The “Real Rebel Podcast” is here to remind you that your life is amazing because you do what you want to do. Host Katie Buemann started the podcast because she was tired of being told to conform. She was tired of being expected to live life a certain way and wanted the world to know that it doesn’t have to be like this. She reminds us that your own triumphs should be celebrated, no matter what they are and she talks to some real badass women who have done just that. They live life on their own terms and don’t have time to apologize for not living the way they’re supposed to, thank you very much. Rebels, time to rise up.




Do the work. Three simple words that is the foundation of THRIVE Art Studio, and effective words they are. The “THRIVE Talks” podcast is hosted by artists Jamie Smith and Tara Galuska from the THRIVE Art Studio. Join them as they talk about what excites them, what they want to learn about, and what they’re struggling with. With a focus on offering support and accountability to other artists, listen as they discuss making their art and how their art fits in as a business. If you’ve ever been curious about what a group of artists talk about when they get together, this podcast is for you. 




We all know and love "Friends" but I didn’t know there could be life beyond the TV Show. Enter the “Best of Friends Podcast”! Join hosts Erin Mallory Long and Jamie Woodham, two real life friends, and relive the episodes as they discuss it from beginning to end. Hilarious and fun, you’ll want to be Friends with them in real life.




How often have you told yourself “I’ll read that book one day” and then never do? Fear not! “Overdue” has got you covered. Hosts Craig Getting and Andrew Cunningham discuss a book each week, in insightful and often times hilarious details. Entertaining but never pretentious, “Overdue” discusses literary themes in a way that it’s like you’re just sitting their have a conversation with two old friends. Spoiler alert: they spoil plots. But don’t let that deter you from listening to these two talk about books, ranging from classics, to children’s books to best sellers!