How To Set Up Your Domain In Squarespace


Have you signed up for a free trial for Squarespace and haven’t really done much more to your website? We get it. Setting up a domain sounds like we’re getting into IT territory, so who would you ever figure out how it’s done?

But the thing is, it’s incredibly easy to set up your domain on Squarespace! They’ve streamlined the process to make it as painless as possible. So let’s jump in.

How to set up your domain in Squarespace


On the Squarespace main menu (shown below), head to Settings > Billing & Account > Billing


If you don’t have your domain yet and want to purchase one, then you’ll need to become a member first. So let’s start by choosing a membership plan.

We recommend upgrading your account by purchasing an annual plan because your domain is FREE for the first year with this option!

Click on the "UPGRADE" button to choose your plan. For most uses, a personal or business plan will suffice. For commerce plans (with extra features) click on the Commerce tab to see pricing options.

Upgrade Plan.png

All plans come with the option of adding on a shop/being able to sell products and services; the lower plans just don't have some of the Commerce features. So if in doubt, start on a lower plan and you can always upgrade it later and pay the difference. 



Settings > Domains > Get A Domain

Once you’ve purchased your annual plan, you can search for your custom domain of choice by going to Settings > Domains > Get A Domain. Find a domain by using the search function and add the one you’d like to your cart and proceed to checkout. You’ll need to enter some personal information to register your domain, and then you’ll be able to complete this without paying!



Settings > Email & G Suite

Your annual plan also includes 1 year of GSuite for free! Head to the email section of your site to set up your custom email account. You can add new users for an additional $5 per month, and have different names or user handles for each one.


And there we go! Easy peasy and definitely way less daunting, right?