Creating Sliding Testimonials In Squarespace With The Carousel Feature


Having testimonials on your website adds social proof - something that validates your work and says "someone else likes and trusts me, you should too!" and within Squarespace you have a few options for formatting them. 

5 - Create sliding testimonials.png

We're gonna let you in on a little secret... the blogs in Squarespace don't just have to be used as blogs. And in fact, you can have as many ‘blogs’ as you like! Your website doesn't have to be limited to just one blog, and this opens up the realm of functionality for you and your website, because it means that you can take advantage of the blog setup and features, without messing up your website or having to find plug-ins. 

Think of the ‘blog’ as just another page option. It’s an addition you can add, but if you think beyond the realms of its name, you’ll find you can create testimonials, portfolios, and all sorts of fun things with the ‘blog’ pages.

One of these fun options is being able display a round up of posts within a ‘summary block’, and have little arrows that scan through each row. You can control the number of posts shown, how they're shown, and how many are shown! You can even choose specific posts using the tags or categories! And you don't have to limit this to blog posts - really you can use any images or text and display it in this sliding carousel format, but placing the text in the excerpt of the "blog post".

For a testimonial, the best way to do this is by using the carousel summary blocks. Here’s how it looks on our website!

Example of a testimonial in a sliding carousel on a Squarespace website

Want to make your own? Here’s how!


Add a ‘blog’ and call it “Testimonials”.

Adding a Blog - Testimonial How To.gif


  1. Create a new post by clicking on the + in the top right corner

  2. Give the post a title - this could be the name of the person who left the testimonial, or just something simple like “Testimonial 1”

  3. Click to edit the post, scroll to the ‘Options’ tab

  4. Upload an image* if you’d like to include one

  5. Add the text of the testimonial to the ‘excerpt’ section

  6. Publish your ‘blog’ post (testimonial)

  7. Repeat all steps for each individual testimonial you’d like to add

where to add text to a testimonial


Go to the page you want to display these testimonials on, and insert a carousel summary block. 

Adding a summary block.gif


Choose your display options and refine until you find the look you love most!

Edit display.gif




Wasn't that easy? Now you have scrolling testimonials on your website! There are a few other ways you can display testimonials on your site, but this sure is a fun way to make the most of those summary blocks and show off multiple at once. 


If you want to display an image, as well as text, on a sliding carousel, it's important to size the image to be quite small. It'll need to be a rectangle, or circle shape (pre made in Illustrator or Canva) that you upload in order for the text and image to be legible at once. This is because the text will always display underneath the image, and a large image will take up most of the page if you're not careful. Check out an example of the rectangle image(s) here, where we compiled a little collage to suit these needs. 

image + Text slider.gif

Got questions about this? Leave us a comment below and we’ll help you out!