Crafting Copy That Connects With Your People


You know the phrase "captions that convert"? We've all heard it and then sat for an hour on our phone staring at an image and trying to perfect an Instagram caption with the deep desire to convert anyone who reads it into buying something. (Nope? You haven't done that? WHO ARE YOU!?)

What we've found is that if we don't have a tight handle on our messaging, writing copy is ridiculously hard. But, once you've got your brand messaging in place, it's 1000x easier to write effective copy that talks to your people - whether that's on a website, on Instagram, Facebook, anywhere!

crafting copy that connects with your people



Brand messaging is anything you are communicating to someone who views your brand. How a brand communicates can reveal a lot about a company's values and ethos - even if it's unintentional! As Entrepreneur says: "Brand messaging is about capturing just the right language that embodies your brand and makes it stand out from the pack."



So, back to that Instagram caption. You want your captions to connect, yes. You want to increase your sales, grow your business, boost engagement, blah blah blah. Right!?

Well what language are using to do that? What do you want to say to someone? How are you going to connect with them? This is where your brand messaging comes in! Yay! By defining your brand messaging, it will become an excellent tool for creating stronger connections with your people. It helps you create a language, a voice, and a persona for your brand. It can also help take the guesswork out of what to say and how to say it.



As we've mentioned, your messaging can come through from your brand ethos and values. What do you want to do with your business? Why? What does your business stand for? Think through these and create a list of values that might be relevant. Check out this post for more help with your brand values.

Once you've defined your brand values, you can then use them to create your brand messaging. How does that work? Well, let's say you are a fitness + weight loss company. One of your values might be sustainable lifestyles. You believe that the scale is not important, but how you feel is. You value lifestyles that allow you to be healthy and lose weight at the same time. 

What you can do is take that value and create a brand message with it. For the fitness + weight loss company that brand message might be: "Step on the track, not the scale", or "How you feel is more important than what you weigh". This will allow the fitness + weight loss company to talk to their value in any copy they write.

Plus, the more specific your values are, the easier this will be. Your brand messaging needs to resonate with your customers; it needs to be something they care about. If it's short and easy to remember, that helps too! Once in place, you can draw on it as inspiration for all aspects of your brand personality, voice, and communications and you'll know exactly how you want to talk to your people! 


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