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growing a business doesn’t have to be so overwhelming

When we started our business almost 4 years ago we didn’t have any money… and we grew slowly. We know from first hand experience how overwhelming, confusing and difficult it can be to get a business off the ground. And what we’ve seen from working with our clients at Salt Design Co. is that there’s a big gap in resources and practical education for new or aspiring business owners. With Design Build Grow we’re hoping to close that gap a little…creating guides and online courses that give you simple breakdowns of all sorts of business topics so you can take quick action with less stress.


So who are we? We’re designers at heart; creative problem solvers who think strategically about the visuals we bring into the world. But as business owners we’ve also had to tackle accounting, processes and systems, loan applications, business plans and marketing.

By coaching our clients through various aspects of their own business growth we’ve learnt and tested a lot. We’ve tried all the email marketing platforms. We’ve tested different project management styles. We’ve hired SEO and copywriting experts and learnt directly from them. We’ve done a bunch, learnt a ton and want to share that with you.


Design Build Grow is all of our experience over the last 4 years bundled up into easy-to-follow courses and downloadable workbooks designed to make learning a little simpler. Plus, all of our content allows you take action straight away - so you can learn with us and get straight to work on your business!

Ultimately we’re just humans trying to tackle this entrepreneurship thing and build up others as we do so. We make mistakes, we have messy moments and we’re figuring it all out - just like you! We share as much of this as we can through our blog, newsletter and podcast because honesty is everything and there’s truly nothing that glam about our version of entrepreneurship.


Design Build Grow is a place for you to learn, to grow and to feel safe. We’re having transparent conversations about the messiest parts of business and we’re sharing as much of our knowledge and experience with you as we can. Business isn’t just about revenue and growing a team - it’s about doing something with meaning, leaving a mark and creating a life we love and can be proud of. Are you in?

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Meet the team behind Design Build Grow


Co-Founder and Mentor

Lucy is a British gal who’s been living here in Canada on and off for almost 10 years! She’s a creative entrepreneur by nature and has varied experience in photography, textiles, fine art, and graphic design. As the Creative Director at Salt Design Co. she’s also a strategic thinker, planning out our next steps, leading our marketing campaigns, and overthinking things constantly.


Co-Founder and Educator

Daphne is a Vancouverite born and raised. Having attended SFU for Criminology, she returned to school to learn graphic design. Daphne is a super logical thinker, passionate illustrator, and obsessive cartoon watcher. As the Art Director at Salt Design Co. she’s also our eye in the sky making sure all projects and designs make sense for our clients and the lead on our course development.


Collaborators and contributors

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Communications Manager


Digital Marketing + SEO specialist


Writer of the F-Word series